Do this -> faster growth

There is no one way to grow your biz.

Sometimes ads work.
Sometimes SEO is the way to go.
Sometimes partnerships are the key to growth.

How do you know which is the best fit for your biz?

You don't.

No one does.

As I said the other day, some people can immediately discount the terrible options for a situation based on their experience.

But no one knows 100% of the time what will work.

So, what is the best way to grow your biz in 2024 and beyond


Put on that lab coat and goggles, and get to experimenting.

Try stuff and see what works, then double down on what's working and ignore what's not.

Try the stuff other people are telling you works.

Try the stuff they're telling you doesn't work.

The faster you can try things, the more you'll learn.

This is the focus I'm pivoting the Growth Models Plus community to moving forward.

It's gonna be focused on rapid iteration of tests so you can find what works for your brands.

However, I'm not just encouraging people to take a shot in the dark.

I mean it's a community right?

So, we'll help you discount the obvious options with no hope and then figure out how you can set up a weekly or monthly experiment to drive growth.

I'm personally running concurrent experiments and sharing everything I learn.

If it works, I'll be turning them all into workshops + templates for you to replicate with your biz.

Want an example?

Here's some stuff I shared the other day.

So, I believe video marketing is going to become increasingly important.


Just look at TikTok, YT Shorts etc. Even LinkedIn is adding short-form video and Instagram reels do well.

Thing is, I am a crap editor and don't have the time or desire to sit down for hours to create a 60-second, well-edited video.

I also know that short videos are great for engagement, but not for conversions.

You need a combo plan of short form for engagement, and long-form for conversions.

I devised a simple plan where I create one long-form video per week (10-15 mins).

That gets published on my YT.

I then use a simple tool to create daily shorts which are shared automaticaly on...

  • LinkedIn
  • YT
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The whole process takes me one hour per week. And, while it's only been running a week and a bit, the results are already rolling in.

Here's my YT stat board.

Here's what I noticed despite the obvious early signs above.

The short form is bringing people into my "sphere of influence". Those people often check out my longer videos.

That is also increasing the view count and reach of my long-form stuff, which is driving clicks to my offers.

While early, if I keep this up and the views keep growing, this could be a good way to compound paid growth for a longer-term return.

Not bad for only 1 hour per week, right?

Anyway, I'm sharing all of this and the details of another experiment where I'm attempting to set up a completely automated content site in the GM+ Community.

If you think you could be doing more to try and grow your brand and want to start running more experiments, click below to learn more about the community.

Learn more here.

Pete "try it and see" Boyle

P.S. - A lot of the community offers on the info page will remain. This is really just adding a few more bits and maybe reworking the "expert speakers" into my own workshops based on my real-world results.

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