Journey before destination

"I did this and made $XXX in a week!"

We've all seen these kinds of posts.

Hell, if you're like me you've made these kinds of posts.

Honestly, I hate them. But I also don't blame the people doing it. It's what gets engagement, which means it's what the algos reward.

Don't hate the player...

In simple terms, people do this because it works.


It sets a dangerous precedent I want to address today.

All of this stuff is focused on the end result.

It's usually written by people who've spent months or years trying to figure this shit out.

They'll have countless failures, missteps, and stumbles on their journey.

But you'll never see any of that.

You only see the end success, because success generates engagement and engagement leads to sales.

And so when you try something similar and get a small (or no) result, you think it's a failure and you beat yourself up about it.

I've done it. I still do it. I think I'll always do it.

And I know I'm not the only one.

I also know this is a dangerous path. But there's a simple solution.

When I look back at the ventures where I've had the best success (both in terms of happiness and finance), there's a common trait.

I'm often not thinking of the end result.

Instead, I'm focused on the journey to get there and the actions I need to take on that journey.

For example, let's say I need to get an extra 5 coaching clients by the end of the month.

I'll identify what the big levers might be - let's say it's daily emails and Facebook ads.

Then I forget about the outcome for the time being and switch into creator mode.

I'll go deep and lose myself in...

  • Identifying ad angles
  • Creating multiple ads for testing
  • Launching the ads and optimising based on results
  • Drafting an email sequence to get current subs to check out my offers

Every day I'll do a little bit of work on each of these. And each day's action compounds to get better results.

Here's where the fun happens with doing things this way.

At the end of this campaign, I'll be better off regardless of if I land a client.


Because this experiment will have helped me achieve a few things.

  1. Create assets which could be reused or reworked in the future (never waste anything)
  2. Learn how to get better result from ads and email (I'll be 1% better)
  3. Traction. These things always help get things moving - even if slow - and you can keep it going.

When I focus on the journey over the destination, I find I tend to travel further and faster than dreaming about the end result alone.

Here's my challenge to you with this.

Whatever it is you're trying to get better at - be it ads, copy, systems, strategy - whatever.

Your job is to do something - anything - within that channel or speciality every single day.

The goal?

Not to explicitly land clients, but to get better results at that stage.

If you can do that consistently enough, you'll end up one of the top performers and be known for your skills which will attract people to you.

Focus on that journey, and you'll arrive at your destination before you know it.

On that note, I'm slightly pivoting the GM+ Community.

The new focus is on setting up weekly experiments for our businesses and getting the job done so that it compounds into ongoing growth.

If you're interested in checking it out, you can learn more about the community here and see what's included.

Learn more here

Speak soon,


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