Zoom out!


I was reminded yesterday of the importance of “zooming out” with your biz sometimes.

I’ve been helping one of my 1-2-1 coaching students launch a low-ticket front-end offer around the $1 product challenge approach.

And at first glance, the results have been underwhelming.

  • We’ve got a great product that plays to her strengths.
  • We’ve done some manual outreach and promo (at zero cost).
  • We’ve created a simple promo system to help her generate interest on social.

We’ve driven a small number of people to the sales page and generated only a handful of sales.

Goes without saying the student was a little disheartened.

But that all flipped yesterday when we zoomed out a little.

Up until now, her focus has been on how many people have registered for the front-end product alone.

And as sales weren’t what we’d hoped for, she was starting to think this whole thing was a bust.

Here’s the thing.

You’re never gonna make big money off the initial offer in the $1 Product Challenge approach.

That thing is there to help you identify leads who will pull out their cash and run ads at cost.

So where’s the money made?

By selling higher ticket items like…

  • Courses
  • Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Bigger ticket engagements or products

… to these people AFTER they’ve bought something from you and seen the value.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

We worked out a great little promo strategy which is seeing my student’s reach and engagement on social grow.

And while the front-end product’s sales haven’t been skyrocketing, what has happened is that she has 5 high-ticket leads who are very close to closing.

If she closes all of these clients, she’s looking at just over $20,000 / month in new revenue.

Realistically, we’re thinking she’ll close 50%. Which is still $10,000+ / month of new revenue.

Two lessons here.

First, sometimes you have to zoom out a little and look at the wider implications and results of your actions to understand how it’s all working.

The best way to do this?

Always look at your revenue.

Second, the need for a defined offer is key.

As soon as we zeroed in on the products this student was going to offer it helped us zero in on things like…

  • The ICP
  • The messaging
  • The channels to promote through
  • The value she’s going to be bringing to her clients

That helped us create the promo strategy which has brought in these 5 super hot high-ticket leads.

Having a low-cost front-end product is about more than just making some quick cash.

It’s about giving you focus so you can appeal to your ideal customers.

If you’re stuck with this, let me know.

I’m looking at bringing on up to 3 more 1-2-1 coaching students within June to help them set up a similar system that brings better leads and revenue with a system that can be scaled and automated within a couple of months.

It’s first come, first serve based on good fit.

If you’re interested, apply below.

Apply for 1-2-1 coaching here

Speak soon,

Pete “zoom out” Boyle

Vagrants, Vagabonds, and Villains Ltd, Unit 16535, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset BH16 6FA
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